Spread the Word

PPCM is still widely unknown both to doctors and the general public.  If you think you have PPCM, tell your doctor.  Talk with other women about the symptoms of PPCM.

Support Those Affected by PPCM

Help us to support women and their loved ones who are affected by PPCM.  Form local or regional support groups.  Get educated with tips on how to support PPCM moms, their families and their friends.

Contribute to the PCA Web Site

Share your story.  Write a blog post.  Offer suggestions for content.


Because PPCM is a relatively rare disease and is unknown to most people, there is little research on PPCM being done.  Donate to the PCA help fund research into better screening, diagnosis, and treatment of women with PPCM.  Organize fundraisers with proceeds directed to the PCA.


PPCM survivors attend 2020 Annual PCA Meet Up
Women enrolled in a PPCM research study